Smart Gateway


What we will do and why

Implementation of a digital portal to provide an enhanced and simplified customer experience when applying to connect to the network.

Key deliverables

  • A single customer portal to┬ácomplete all applications for connections work.

Target outcomes

  • Improved service delivery.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity and quality of data.

Measures of success

  • Increase in value add productivity from front line teams.
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction scores related to LCT connections.
  • Increase in data quality, completeness and accuracy.

Stakeholder Engagement

We held workshops with customers to uncover their pain points and form the problem statement. After the scope was outlined, we presented at our Connections Customer Forums to introduce the product and get feedback from stakeholders. We then iteratively rolled the tool out to customers, so a small group used the MVP tool. We then gathered feedback from these customers and used this to scope out changes to the tool before offering it to a wider audience. We are still gathering feedback indirectly through comments received by teams that interact with customers. We are also analysing customer behaviour interacting with the form to assess where customers are having issues answering questions, so that we can improve the support for customers to complete the form through changing wording and providing tips and information.

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Launch of minimum viable product (May 2023)
  • Internal rollout of internal portal (Aug 2023)
  • External rollout of customer portal (Sep 2023)



Date of change Category Description
22.12.2023 Update

“Go Live Rollout” milestone split into an internal and external rollout for clarity. More detail about stakeholder engagement was also added.