Intelligent Operational Resource Allocation


What we will do and why

Enhanced contractor work planning and exchange of data across multiple workstreams through the use of intelligent resource scheduling and management software.

Key deliverables

  • Short to medium term resource demand model.

Target outcomes

  • Optimised resource planning and utilisation.

Measures of success

  • Increase in contractor labour utilisation for planned work.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with UK Power Networks’ direct workforce acknowledges that additional staff are needed for the RIIO-ED2 workload. This project is fundamental to addressing this feedback and the RIIO-ED2 project. We have worked with the technical training school to get authorisations in place for April 2024. We have also run a tender event with suppliers, awarding to eight additional suppliers.

Public Detailed Docs

See our ED2 Workforce Plan:

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Deployment website to contractors with training (Apr 23)
  • Setup utilisation reports (Aug 23)
  • Interim review (Oct 23)
  • Transition to BAU (Dec 23)
  • Requirements of resource planning into outage period (Apr 24)



Date of change Category Description
23.12.2023 Update

We have chosen to extend this project into April 2024 to take into account the outage period for major projects which starts at that time. This will allow us to refine workforce planning requirements.